Monday, October 22, 2007


from London Heathrow

It's over. Saturday was perfect! It went better than I ever could have imagined!

Anyone who was in Kelowna in the week leading up to the wedding knows the weather was miserable and looked less than promising for Saturday.

Friday night as our out of town guests left the house a PRECISELY 9:00 (yeah, yeah, so my dad kicked them out so that I could get some sleep), the stars were out and shining hard. Saturday morning, Kelsey and I went for our pre-wedding walk and it was still nice - a bit chilly, but dry.

While we were getting our hair done, it got cloudy, but by the time the photographer arrived, the sun was shining!

The ceremony was short and exactly what we both wanted. The venue was spectacular with all its fall colours.

Happy, happy, happy. I'm still over the moon two days later.

The reception was a lot of fun! We both had an absolute blast!

Thank you to everyone who helped us get here - my bridesmaids, Mom and Dad, Kelsey, Rebecca and Jared, Alex's parents and brothers, Stacey, my rather large, but very special extended family, and our friends who helped with everything from getting me ready, to calming nerves, to feeding us and doing dishes the morning of the wedding, to ensuring everyone was on time, that the venues were ready and that all the little details were looked after. We couldn't have pulled our big day off without a lot of help!

A selection of photos from the big day:

pre ceremonyphoto credit: Fiona
With my parents, pre ceremony

going to get marriedphoto credit: Neil and Melissa
Going to get married

first kissphoto credit: Kate
First Kiss

the mulvigirlsphoto credit: Fiona
The Mulvigirls

with the lyons familyphoto credit: Mikey
With the Lyons family

with our parentsphoto credit: Mikey
With our parents

husband and wifephoto credit: Fiona
Husband and wife

the girliesphoto credit: Fiona
the girlies

more husband and wifephoto credit: Fiona
more husband and wife

the dishesphoto credit: Mikey
The oh so famous Dishes

the lyonses and auntie stellaThe Lyonses and Auntie Stella do the YMCA

fraser and rebecca doing the YMCAFraser and Rebecca YMCA it

the cakeThe beautiful, yummy cake Auntie Susan made

sistersphoto credit: Rebecca

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