Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Some More

38.7 - 38.11 Eat at ten new restaurants or coffee shops

Yum yum...the last five for this challenge. Which of course doesn't mean I'm never going to go to a new-to-me restaurant ever again. I might just do that later on today...

New Oxford Public House

Alex and I decided we were going on a real date for our anniversary this year, so we got a sitter for J and decided to go to dinner and then a concert. But we wanted to go somewhere we hadn't been before for dinner. I got a bunch of suggestions from a bunch of people and we eventually settled on one my boss suggested, the New Oxford Public House in Yaletown.

new oxford public house

Alex made a reservation and thank goodness he did because much to our surprise, we chose to go to Yaletown in the middle of Taste of Yaletown.

taste of yaletown

We decided to go with the set menu - it was choice of an appetizer, main and dessert and for $10 more it included a cocktail or beer pairing with each course as well. So, we went with the $35 dollar option. We both had the same appetizer - a yummy soup (the other choice was a salad and it was cold and wet outside, so soup it was). Alex had pasta and I had steak and we shared the two desserts. Alex chose the beer pairings and I had the cocktails and it was all so good.

strawberry cocktail

We quite enjoyed our meals...if we weren't heading off to a concert, I would have been happy to hang out there all night! Check out the ceiling...

ceiling bikes

Saturday's Fish & Chips

We met Alex's family for Alex's mom's favourite, fish and chips at Saturday's in Surrey.

saturdays fish and chips

J ordered salmon - I've never seen salmon on a fish and chips menu before, but it was good and she ate the whole thing much to the amazement of her uncle, cousin and grandparents (salmon happens to be her favourite food).


The fish was tasty - not too much batter - the chips were perfect. It was good. It's too bad it's so far from home ... or we'd be there more often.The booths were huge - all seven of us fit in one booth...

ice cream

J would love it too...she loved the dessert Papa ordered for her...and I'm sure she'd like to have one every night!

BoatHouse Kitsilano

No pictures of this one...we were here for a work function. We started with some of the yummiest crab cakes I have ever had and then I had the chicken and prawn bowl with green curry. It was good. I love seafood, but that day I really just wanted chicken strips. Hello, boring, but the curry was scrumptious and I was more than  happy that I chose something far more interesting than chicken strips!

I didn't think I'd ever been to the BoatHouse before and I know for sure that I've never been to the one at Kits Beach, but as I wandered around their website, I realized that years ago, when I was a student, my aunt came to town and took me to the one in Richmond. And after however many months of cafeteria food, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Luke's Corner Bar & Kitchen

A few days after Christmas, my mom and dad showed up at our place and kicked us out. They took J for lunch and sent us to find lunch elsewhere. We decided to walk up Granville and try somewhere new to us. We knew if we couldn't find the right place for a post-Christmas lunch, we there were a few standbys along there to fall back on.

We settled on Luke's (which is where Red Door was). We were starving so we started with a prawn appetizer that was super tasty.


Alex and I ended up ordering the same juicy bacon cheeseburger. It was soooo good. Alex ordered the shoestring fries and I kept stealing them - they were perfect! No over cooked or limp ones in this batch.

burger with shoestring fries

I ordered sweet potato fries that Alex kept stealing, so I guess we're even! Alex's came with homemade ketchup which he traded for my chipotle mayo. I loved the ketchup. And if you know me, you probably know that I am not a condiment fan, but I ate all of the ketchup. I might just have to try my hand at making ketchup next tomato season!

burger with sweet potato fries

Our only complaint was some kind of inconsistent service. We think we might have arrived right at shift change as the servers all seemed to switch a few minutes after we arrived. When someone finally came to take our drink (and by then food) order, the server looked surprised to see anyone seated at our table...they seemed to sort it out eventually and our last (of three) servers was awesome. We'll go back and give the service another chance for sure - but the food was awesome, no question!

Boulangerie la Parisienne - Yaletown Cafe

We were in Yaletown last weekend to get J's haircut and of course she was starving afterwards, so we went across the street to this little café. J wasn't so sure about it until she saw this:


So many choice and she didn't know what to choose - blueberries, raspberries, mixed berries. I'm certain she would have had one of each if we'd let her.


Underneath the berries was cream and custard and the pastry was coated in chocolate. Yummy.

pain au chocolat

I had an almond pain au chocolat. I tried really hard to imagine myself in Paris, but it didn't quite work. Pastries were tasty though! Thanks Rebecca for suggesting it.

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