Friday, May 11, 2012


A few weeks ago on the way to daycare J and I had a conversation that looked sort of like this:

J: Mommy, did you know xyz?

Me: Yes I did. How did you know(learn) that?

J: extremely serious Well, Mommy, I know EVERYTHING.

So, for a few weeks, we've been hearing "I know EVERYTHING" as an answer to many questions, requests, statements and in general J storytelling. A few brave souls have tried to show J she doesn't know quite everything by asking questions that she certainly doesn't know the answer to, but somehow J always wins the showdown.

We finally asked J where she learned everything and she said, "Oh, from RM (one of her best buds, who happens to have a very smart, somewhat precocious 7 year old sister)" This made sense to us - of course she learned it from one of her friends. When we asked her if that meant that RM also knows everything, the answer was NO because RM taught J everything J knows, but J knew other stuff before RM taught her (the inner workings of a preschooler's mind are very complex....)

This morning after hearing "I know EVERYTHING" one time too many, I fell into the trick her into revealing she doesn't know everything trap.

Me: J, if you know everything, who is the president of the United States.

J: thinks about this for a minute Mommy, *I*( am the president of the United States and I know EVERYTHING.


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