Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Peak of Christmas

9.2 Go on an 10 "adventures"

On Saturday, we packed up the car, picked up J’s best bud from daycare, R, and made our way to Grouse Mountain (because the advent calendar said so…) We took the gondola up to the absolutely freezing Christmas fun. We had been four years ago, but of course J couldn’t remember it at all.


The girls had a blast rolling down this hill covered in about six inches of hard packed snow. There were reindeer just up the hill from here, but they were not interested in the least…we found out later from Santa himself that Rudolph was our practising and he was the only reindeer they were interested in anyway.

restaurant view

We ate diner at the restaurant with an amazing view of the lower mainland (yes, it was a very early dinner since it’s dark by about 4 these days!)

j the snowman

R was super excited to have her picture taken as a snowman, but J wasn’t sure…

c the snowman

J took this picture of C (who I was wearing) and she looks even less impressed than J!

r and j

The highlight of the night for the big girls was skating. They were out there for over an hour and it was COLD…

c and s

C doesn’t look impressed here…likely because we have her stuffed into her most hated snow suit and she has a hat on..

a and c

Much happier with Daddy! Or maybe she realized the hat was keeping her warm ;)

with santa

Merry Christmas!

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