Thursday, February 06, 2014

Year of the Horse, Reindeer?, State Hermitage Museum, MoonSelena and a dreaming mouse

Today the mailbox was full…and full of a wide range of postcards plus a bunch of bills…but there were postcards, so it was a good mail day! Mail has been so slow lately…I just looked and it’s been an average of 16 days of travel time for postcards since Christmas…the quickest card arrived in 6 days from New Zealand and the slowest in 66 days from Russia…not sure what’s going on with mail…we sent two parcels, both Air Mail, to Europe. The one to England arrived in less than a week, the one to Germany too an additional 3.5 weeks…and this was AFTER Christmas! And Canada Post wonders why people don’t want to use their services!


Postcard from the United States, from a friend


Postcard from Zabava-zab from Belarus – are those reindeer?


Postcard from Hel from Russia
Description: The Falconet Room with the display of 18th-century French art. My amazing google skillz tell me this room is an exhibit in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. It took some googling…this card also came with a ski stamp for Sochi.



Postcard from stefaniafox from Ukraine


Postcard from Juhi from Ukraine

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