Friday, September 30, 2011

WooWoo WooWoo

Last night as I was doing my last bit of puttering before bed, struggling to keep my eyes open, I had the TV on. I wasn't watching it, but I was vaguely aware that there was some police drama playing out on the screen. All of a sudden there was a whole lot of siren noise. I walked out of the kitchen and sure enough, it was time for eighty-seven million police cars to go racing off to some crime scene. Whatever. I almost turned the TV off, but I didn't.

I resumed puttering.

And I noticed more sirens. And thought our (non-existent) surround sound was working pretty well since it sounded like the sirens were in our living room.

And then I heard the emergency vehicle horn honk. Five or six times.


So, I pulled up the blinds, stepped onto the deck and was greeted by a plume of smoke and fire bells coming from the building next door and four fire trucks, all with lights blazing and sirens screaming, parked on the street.

It didn't look good. As in, I was worried the other building in our complex was going to catch fire. Which would likely mean we'd have to evacuate as well.

About then I realized that the noise was right outside J's window and I'd never be able to hear her because the sirens were so loud. Sure enough, she was wide awake and whispering, "Mommy, what's that noise? I'm scared." She wouldn't leave her room, so we opened her blinds and she got to see the firetrucks. She was so excited (we're in an emergency vehicle worshipping faze). Thankfully the fire was much smaller than it appeared - just a dumpster - but it took two hours to get it all cleaned up and the lights and sirens turned off so I could get my kid to bed.

I pretty much collapsed into bed

J was so excited that she got up at 5:45 to tell Alex all about it...

It's been a long day...I'm hoping the WooWoos stay away tonight!

And since it's the last day of September and I'm not sure where the month went, but I do know that I feel like I haven't managed to get a lot done at work, at home, on the blog or in life in general, here's to a productive October!

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