Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting ready to hibernate

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I love long weekends.

This weekend turned into a hibernating weekend for us...there was lots of cooking, some furniture rearranging, some deep cleaning, a ton of laundry and way too much time spent with the computer. Oh and what felt like a never ending sink of dishes.

We're trying to get all of our CDs loaded onto the iPod and it's a huge task. We have between 500 and 600 CDs. That's a lot of CDs. I did close to 200 over the summer and over the weekend we've done another almost 300. That leaves not quite 100 left. I'm going crossed-eyed. But if I get stuck on a desert island with my iPod, I have 17 days worth of music to listen to...if the batteries last that long.

One of the things on my list for the weekend was to lift up the mats on the living room floor and clean under them (I tend to do my "spring cleaning" in November. You know. To get ready for Christmas). We're having Christmas here this year and that will mean rearranging the furniture in our living room so that the tree has a home.

living room before

Because our living room is wide open and has only two walls there are limited places to put the tree. And by limited, I mean one. The tree has to go where the couch is, so the couch needs to move...

living room after

This is what J and I have come up with...she was SO excited to help. She kept going in to tell Alex that the furniture MOVED! The rocking chair probably needs to leave, but my inner pack rat is not letting it go...just yet...

Alex and I are enjoying our cosy new living room...I think we might stay with this arrangement even after the tree is gone. For some reason it feels a whole lot bigger than it did before....

I also spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen this weekend...I've been trying to fill the freezer so that nights I have to go out after work are not crazy with meal prep...

So, we had Black Bean Chili (I love my slow cooker) and then last night I froze some and we added a corn bread topping to the rest and baked it (inspired by Oh She Glows). J told us she didn't like the chili anymore, but she liked the cake, except the crunchy parts. I used the corn meal muffin recipe from the Purity cookbook - it's the one we always used when I was a kid. It's pretty much this recipe.

chili casserole

And I finally made the spaghetti with bacon meatballs recipe from Real Simple. There was so much going on in our kitchen that I ended up heating the sauce in the small slow cooker because I didn't have an unoccupied pot big enough to hold it!

spaghetti with bacon meatballs

It was a hit...Alex and J loved it, although J loved the soup even more. I made some potato and dill soup for our lunches this week and J had a little as an appetizer, but a little turned into THREE bowls! I guess I'll be making that again.

potato soup

It was tasty. Recipe to come!

It was a good weekend...I'm glad to go back to work tomorrow hands are feeling the effects of all those dishes!

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