Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Quick Meals

We have discovered that we really need to make sure our weekday meals are quick. Leftovers and the slow cooker are both great for that and we're building a book of faster, simpler recipes in hopes that soon Alex will be able to take over some of the week night cooking so that we can have other meals too. That means I've been making some old favourites and writing down the recipe and the method. Because I cook a lot from memory and Alex is just learning to cook...It also means we won't be experimenting with new recipes very often during the week. But that doesn't mean it can't taste good!

Monday: Homemade Chicken Soup

Tuesday: Leftover Soup

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Beef with this sauce

Thursday: Leftover beef

Friday: Black Bean Chili minus the salsa only because avocados have been suspect lately (we love them normally)

Saturday: More leftovers

Sunday: Pasta - maybe spaghetti and meatballs

There are more menu ideas at OrgJunkie. Does anyone have a quick and easy recipe I could share with Alex?


  1. Just came from her site! Pasta sauce in the crockpot all day with italian sausage, make with spaghetti or on rolls. So good and so easy!