Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Tiniest Girl Guide

19.3 Go on a 10 "adventures"
66. Take J camping, preferably in a tent
68. Take a holiday with J only

Okay, so technically she's not a Girl Guide...she's too young to even be a Spark, but J got to come with me to Guide camp this past weekend and she loved it!

waiting for the bus

The camp is up on the Sunshine Coast, so we had to take two buses from our place to the ferry where we met the group. Then on the other side we took a bus to camp. J loves riding the bus. Waiting in line? Not so much. She was a bit hungry, so she got to have a treat...rice krispie squares are great!

what are you doing to my sandwich?

lighting it on fire
lighting it on fire?

On Saturday, the girls tried a new way of making lunch - milk carton grilled cheese! I vaguely remember this from when I was a Guide - you make your sandwich, wrap it in three layers of foil, stuff it into a milk carton and either light the milk carton (which is what we did) or drop it into the fire. J wasn't too sure about this, but in the end she had a very nice grilled cheese. I'm pretty sure when we did it, it was a layer of foil, a layer of damp newspaper and another layer of foil. We cooked a lot in the fire when I was a kid - the first night of camp we usually all brought tinfoil dinners - frozen veggies, a piece of chicken, and some potatoes and a bit of butter in a foil packet with newspaper and more foil wrapped around it...We also did s'mores and banana boats in the fire.

deep concentration

Saturday night the girls decorated their own t-shirt. J figured she had died and gone to heaven. Not only was she allowed to use permanent markers, she was encouraged to draw all over a piece of clothing and no one was going to ask her to stop!

shirt colouring

Plus she got to sit with the big kids and pretend to be one too! When you're three, this is a very big deal - many smiles for small faces!

cheerio queen

Sunday morning, J took her massive bag of Cheerios and came for a walk with some of the girls. We don't buy dry cereal very often - we eat a lot of oatmeal in the winter and smoothies when it's warmer - so J figured this was a pretty special treat!

can we stay longer
can we stay longer?

I love this camp - it's such a peaceful and beautiful place and I really didn't want to go home on Sunday. J had a great time, but she was ready to see her dad. We had a few tears because there were "no boys allowed" at camp and she wanted her dad to be there. We're talking about going back again for a longer stay (without Alex), but she wants to go to the Sunshine Coast with him too (maybe a little vacation this summer?)

getting the big kids to take her for a ride

One of the advantages of being little is that the big kids take really good care of you. J didn't even had to ask for a ride in the wagon, the girls suggested it. (Check out the J-designed shirt from the night before)

hiking to the road

J walked up to the highway from the camp site (she walked in under her own steam on Friday too) and didn't complain once about the long walk - I think it's under 1 km. I was quite proud of her as some of the girls complained the whole way.

going to see daddy soon
going to see Daddy soon!

bus riding

On the bus back to the ferry terminal, J got to sit in her favourite seat ever - the window seat at the very back of the bus!

giant rice krispie square

We waited for Alex and had a warm drink and a snack (more rice krispie squares!) and J chatted almost non-stop about all the fun stuff she did this weekend and the big-girl kids and the other leaders and the ocean. I'm pretty sure she had a great time! I can't wait to do it again (maybe next time we can sleep in a tent...)

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