Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You’ve got mail…lots of it!

We were only away for one mail day, but today there was lots of mail stuffed in our mailbox this morning…besides six postcards, I also got two letters! What a lovely day!


Postcard from Lyy-Yi from China.

Description: From 26 Moment From A to Z About You


Postcard from paras from India

Description: Elephant on road


Postcard from Suzie-L from Russia

Description: Wild pig (which looks a lot like these guys)


Postcard from OliaChelsy from Russia


Postcard from ameliajosephine from the USA

Description: Passing the Time Away at Fort Sheridan. The U.S. Army base at Fort Sheridan, Illinois was active from 1887-1993. Horse shows and cavalry training were part of the pre-World War II regimen. Postcard originally printed by Ekmark Photo, circa 1930. Reproduction of this postcard sponsored by Melissa and Randolph Kahn.


Postcard from Lyonika from Russia

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