Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Germany and the Netherlands were busy

Our mailbox was stuffed full this morning. I couldn’t believe it when I pulled out this stack of lovely mail and there were NO bills and NO flyers! There were lots of smiles at our house at mail time!


Postcard from Marlies74 from the Netherlands


Postcard from Gegga from Germany

Description: Bärbel Haas - H367


Postcard from reetsjel from the Netherlands

Description: “Bonjour Belle”


Postcard from noreg from Germany

This postcards was sent to us by 10 Postcrossers who met in Hamburg.


Postcard from Arbor from the Netherlands


Postcard from schreibemal from Germany


Postcard from AMIsangel from the Netherlands.

This card came with a recipe for traditional Dutch cookies on the back of it. As soon as this heat wave is over, we’re going to try them!

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