Thursday, October 03, 2013

Nine postcards + two packages + one letter = happy mail day

It’s been a quiet week on the mail front and then today I opened the mail box to an avalanche of mail. And not a single bill. So many pretty cards, two packages and some letters!!!


Postcard from stefanie0225 from Great Britain


Postcard from Kathi711 from Germany

Description: Mink (Amerikanischer Nerz)


Postcard from coffeeninja from Canada

Description: Lower Kananaskis Lake: This Lake contains a naturally self-sustaining population of Bull trout. Bull trout are a species of “special concern” in Alberta as they have been negatively impacted by habitat loss (dams) and over harvest by anglers. Spawning occurs in Smith-Dorrien creek during the fall.

Postcard from catandchesneylover from the United States

Description: African Lion (Zawadi Mungi), Oregon Zoo – Portland, Oregon.


Postcard from varelatx from Portugal

Description: Funchal (Madeira), Madeira Orchid Farm, Quinta dos Saltos


Postcard from BineBerlin from Germany


Postcard from Strikel from the Netherlands


Postcard from Thumper from Great Britain


Postcard from petal52 from Great Britain

Description: Icons of Britain. From paintings by Martin Wiscombe.

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