Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Spark!

Ever since I took J with me to Guide Camp, she has been asking when she can be a “big-girl kid” and be a Guide. And then her cousin told her about being a Spark and J HAD TO BE A SPARK. Which was just fine with me as I had already planned to sign her up!

Two weeks ago, J got enrolled. Luckily she had a Smart Cookies shirt my mom gave her because her uniform hadn’t arrived yet.

i promise
She was very proud of herself because she managed to memorize the Promise, “I promise to share and be a friend,” without much help.

enrollment pin

I am a very proud mommy! She’s a Spark now! I hope her time in Guiding is as wonderful as mine has been. I’ve had so many opportunities because of it…I’ve been able to travel and work abroad, my Guiding experience has helped me find jobs here at home, and most importantly, some of the most important people in my life are here because of Guiding. Some are amazing friends I’ve made over the years in Guiding…decades actually and then there are the three people I spend my days with. If my Guiding friend Stacey hadn’t introduced me to Alex, well, my life would be very different today!


A few days after enrollment, our mailbox was quite literally jam packed…there was a special package waiting for J – her uniform! And look how happy that made her.

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