Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day Back

The first day of school...thank goodness it's over!

The first week or two of school drives me nuts. I know I wouldn't have a job if there were no students, but it still drives me nuts.

I love seeing the new students with their brand new jeans that might even have been ironed, the makeup, painstakingly applied hours before classes started, the rigid new back packs, the maps, usually turned the wrong way because the intelligent person who made the map, oriented it counter-intuitively. The first couple of days I usually get stopped four or five times walking to the office by someone who is lost (or at least thinks they are lost). Today was no exception.

I hate the bus and the long waits and crowded rides. I hate the huge lines in the SUB for food (Although this is a good thing. It means I make the extra effort to bring a lunch EVERY day.)

Today I almost got absorbed by a large group of first year students. They were wandering in groups, getting tours, with orientation groups called things like Chaucer and Churchill, Freud and Mitochondria, Hemlock and Mendelssohn. I'm sure the group names reflect what the students are studying.

Anyway, it's the new year...it can only get better!

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