Sunday, September 09, 2007

Twenty-four hours

My super fantastic friends Fiona and Stacey had a wonderful shower for me today, themed on 24 hours. Contrary to the initial reaction of some of the guests, it wasn't a shower that lasted for 24 hours, but each guests was given a time of day and they were supposed to select something that fit with that time period.

There were some predictable things like lingerie for the late night/middle of the night hours, cookbooks, a rice cooker/steamer, beer glasses and a pretzel dish, and a wine and cheese tray complete with beautiful crystal wine glasses for the hours around dinner time. There were some interesting choices like baking dishes and wooden spoons for 5:00 am, coffee flavoured vodka for first thing in the morning, and some knitting gear for 11:00 pm. We got some wonderful things and I can't wait to start using all the baking stuff we seems the ladies know me well!

bride to beThe Bride-to-be

jill christine merilyn and auntie shirleyJill, Christine, Merilyn and Auntie Shirley

MOB and her door prizeThe MOB (my Mom!) and her rubber ducky door prize (and Aleksandra too)

beautiful hatThe beautiful hat created by Bret-Alise

yummy chocolate cakeMmmmm...yummy cake made by Fiona

cutting the cakeCutting the yummy cake

stacey shannon and fionaWith my super wonderful friends: Matron of honour, Fiona and matchmaker and mistress of ceremonies, Stacey

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