Monday, September 10, 2007

Problems and solutions

As the guests arrived, Stacey and Fiona gave them each two different coloured index cards.

stacey giving instructionsStacey giving instructions

Each guest was supposed to write down a problem that Alex and I might encounter after we are married and a solution to that problem. After each gift, I was supposed to read out one solution and its answer.

reading the problems and solutionsreading the problems and solutions

Except...Fiona had shuffled them all up, so there were some crazy combinations and much laughter. Some were plain silly, while others made sense in a strange and curious way. Snoring was a common theme...

P: Communicating with each other
S: Put two sinks in the bathroom

P: You have company over and Alex hides in the kitchen to read the paper
S: Whatever Shannon wants

P: Alex snores too much
S: Hide his sandals

P: What side of the bed should each of you sleep on
S: Push him off the bed

P: He mixes salmon with mayonnaise
S: Alternate years

P: What is for dinner?
S: Live with it. Put it on yourself

P: Alex won't stop snoring
S: Choose your side right away and never change. It's worth setting guidelines for the future

P: Alex is messy around the bathroom sink
S: Give him a warning that if he doesn't come now, you'll throw it in the bin. If he doesn't come, throw it in the bin. He'll never do that again. Start off like you mean it.

P: He wears socks with his sandals
S: Don't give him salmon

P: When you call Alex for dinner and he doesn't come, what do you do?
S: Baby oil :) That's it...yes

P: Vacation in Hawaii or London
S: Take two aspirin and call him in the morning

P: Doesn't put the cap on the toothpaste
S: Make Alex sleep on the couch

P: It's 11:00 pm and you have a headache. Alex wants to "talk"
S: Order take out

P: Alex doesn't like your cooking
S: Make him always clean the toilet

P: Where to spend Christmas, with his family or hers?
S: Call Dr. Laura Schlessinger

P: He snores
S: Buy him a cookbook and tell him to learn

P: Alex refuses to put the toilet seat down
S: Turn the other cheek

P: When he cooks dinner (or any meal for that matter) he will use everything in the kitchen
S: Don't use toilet paper holders that need to be pulled apart

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