Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow...real live snow

It snowed on Friday, but that was big wet snow that didn't last and just made everything wet and was rain by 10:30 in the morning...but last night, last night it snowed for real. And today Baby J has a cold, so no snow for us...sigh...

snowsnow from our balcony

snowy lights
snowsnow from our bedroom

west 4th?
A sign for West 4th Avenue.

As seen from my bedroom window.

Only one problem with this picture: we don't live on West 4th. We don't live on something that intersects with West 4th. Unless that side of the street is West 4th and our side is something else and the streets in between are missing. Prank? Confused city engineers? Or maybe my camera is seeing things!

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