Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I miss it...

Tonight I spent a few minutes checking out some pictures from the last couple of years and rereading some posts about the back episode of 06/07.

And I decided that I miss the Blue House.

A lot.

I love our new place and I love that we own it, but the Blue House had character that the Lyons' Den just doesn't have...something to do with being a good 80+ years older than the Lyons' Den I think. We had a lot of big life events happen in the Blue House - the most significant being our engagement and the big bad back episode mentioned above.

It's hard to believe it's been a year since we packed our boxes for the first time...and that we'd be doing it again a few months later. Our new place has been good to us, but I miss the little office, the sun coming in the living room. A dining room and eating area in the kitchen. The basement with all its storage right there. But really, the new place...it has a dishwasher. It has way more closet space and two good sized storage spaces that are probably as big and definitely way less dusty than in the blue house. We didn't really use the dining room, so it's probably okay that we don't have one right now!

I guess I'm just being a bit nostalgic and that's probably a sign that it's way past my bedtime!

That's all.

Good night.

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