Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Resolutions Revisited

Last year I made a list of Christmas Resolutions for this year...in hopes that I'd feel more Christmassy and into the season and motivated and all that...

So here's the list from last year and my progress this year:
  1. I will not leave all my shopping until the week before Christmas. Most of it is done...we've got a few things left, but we're close.
  2. I will do some Christmas baking. Yup! Done that. Lots of that.
  3. I will not forget an entire box of ornaments in the basement (or storage or closet or whatever other storage arrangement next year brings). Nope, didn't do that...the empty boxes are ready to go back to the basement storage now until after the holidays.
  4. I will not leave my Christmas cards until the weekend before Christmas. They're mostly done. And mailed. And I have four sleeps until the weekend!
  5. I will use an assortment of different colours in my wrapping/bagging in future years. All red gets kind of boring. Done! No problem here, lots of colour this year!
  6. I will not look for a new place to live in the six weeks preceding Christmas. Instead, I looked for a new place to live three months before Baby J's arrival.
  7. I will not move in the four weeks following Christmas (okay, so maybe those two are somewhat out of my control sometimes, but should I ever get amnesia and forget what it was like this year, this will serve as a memory jog I hope). Didn't do this either...instead I had Baby J three weeks after we moved. I just don't make good moving choices (although some things, like being evicted and early arrival babies, are beyond my control!)
  8. I will enjoy every moment I get to spend with friends and family. This one is easy. Very easy! And I am thoroughly enjoying the month of December this year.

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