Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crazy Aunt Purl

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(written Monday).

Okay, so Crazy Aunt Purl (aka Laurie Perry) writes about life mostly, with a fair amount of knitting thrown in…so what exactly does that have to do with getting fit?

Well, something actually.

I just finished her book Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair and while I laughed, cried and cringed along with her, one sentence struck me. On page 82 she says, “Deep down inside, I knew it wasn’t about picking a diet or counting or measuring so that I could learn the proper way to eat. Any woman who has ever had a weight problem usually knows more about dieting and food and calories than anyone else you’ll ever meet. We know exactly what to do, we just don’t do it“. (Laurie talks about this idea on her blog as well)

It’s that last sentence.

It’s so true and I don’t think it just applies to eating. It applies to exercise and it applies to aspects of our lives that aren’t physical, but that are just as essential to being fit – in mind and body. I’ve been doing a lot of decluttering at home lately and one thing I discovered was that when I started throwing out things I’d been holding on to for no good reason (that means no reason at all or some unhealthy reason) other things got easier. I don’t know what, but this week (with the exception of one horrible day) eating properly and sticking to the plan we’d worked out on the calendar for meals was easy. So easy. And I think it’s partly because I just did it. I just hunkered down and chopped up those vegetables. I carved the time out of my day to go for a walk. And when I read those words of Laurie’s last night, I got it. And then was surprised that I’d been getting it all week.

Anyway, I’m off to just get some more stuff done while small toddler sleeps. And if you’re looking for something interesting to read, check out Crazy Aunt Purl. (I guess Nike knows what they’re talking about when they say Just Do It!)

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