Monday, May 24, 2010

Same phone call, different loved one, same stomach in mouth nasty feeling


I came home from the library with J on Saturday to a message on my answering machine. A message that had been left literally seconds before I walked in the door. A message virtually identical to a phone conversation I had with Alex earlier this year. It said something like, "Shannon, can you come and pick me up. I just had an accident."


Heart stops.

Stomach flies into throat.

Breath catches.

It was my sister and I didn't even finish listening to the rest of the message before I called her back (if I had, I would have heard the part when she says SHE'S OKAY).


Anyway, Kelsey was out for a bike ride and a group of teenagers thought it would be smart to cross the road against the light. Kelsey had already slowed down because she saw a woman with a stroller who looked like she might do the same thing. Unfortunately because it was a group of people and there was traffic on one side of Kelsey and parked cars on the other side, there was no where to go and she collided with one of the girls. The girl had a few scrapes and is probably very, very sore. Kelsey has some bruising, some whip lash, a small bit of road rash and one very cracked and banged up helmet (if you ever needed a reason to wear a helmet ... those cracks would have been in Kelsey's skull if she wasn't wearing a helmet and this story would not have SHE'S OKAY written all over it) and a slightly scuffed up bike.

A nice lady stayed with Kelsey and she and a security guard from the mall next to where it happened took Kelsey to the walk in clinic to make sure she didn't have a concussion. Which she didn't. Because she had her helmet on.

I didn't go get her because by the time I got the message, she had already called my aunt and uncle who live 15 minutes away (not 45 like me) and they were on their way. They took her to their house, made sure she really was okay and then took her home.

I saw her yesterday. SHE'S OKAY. She went for a run before coming to my house, so she's okay. She's a bit sore, but who wouldn't be.

Please pedestrians, obey the traffic signs and look before you walk into traffic. It only takes a split second for life to change. If you're going to change your life that quickly, make sure it's a positive change.

Oh, and go hug/call/email all those people who are important to you. Just so they know. And you know they know. And yeah.


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