Sunday, December 04, 2011


This is part of AndreaClaire's Christmas Memory Challenge series.

I had no idea what I was going to write about today, but it came to me when I was putting J to bed and she asked for Christmas songs and then asked me to sing my favourite.

One of my favourite parts of December was that bedtime songs changed. Christmas carols were appropriate substitutes for the month leading up to Christmas. For some reason I associate Away in a Manger with my dad and Silent Night with my mom, although I have memories of both of them singing both. When J asked me to sing my favourite, I sang Silent Night. I had already sung Away in a Manger when she asked for "the baby Jesus song" and I think that Silent Night might be my favourite.

It is such a beautiful carol and I loved the book Johann's Gift to Christmas. I think the most beautiful rendition of Silent Night was one that I heard somewhere (quite possibly Pax Lodge) and everyone sang it in their own language...

But back to the bedtime room was at the front of the house and we had a flat roof, which meant the lights hung in a straight line above the windows. There was a small gap in my blind and I remember pulling the blind away from the window to look at the lights while my mom or dad sang to me and then I watched those lights until I fell asleep.

And on that note...goodnight!

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