Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sealing and Stamping Envelopes

This is part of the Christmas Memory Challenge series, the brainchild of one Ms. AndreaClaire.

When I grew up, getting mail was an exciting event. I was a kid long before the internet took hold. Heck, I was technically an adult before the internet took hold of our lives. I even had pen pals.

I loved Christmas card writing. My mom would sit at the dining room table and sometimes, when I was quite young, I'd get to sign the names. She would write a note on the blank side of the card and for a few special friends she'd include an actual letter. Pictures were inserted into some of the cards. And starting the first week of December, colourful envelopes outnumbered other mail in our mail box.


There was a race to get the mail first and we were usually allowed to open some of the cards.

Now, even with the internet to make the job less tedious and less time consuming, I still look forward to Christmas card writing. We have a list six miles long - living at Pax Lodge will do that to you...I have friends who live just a few blocks away with whom I still exchange MAILED cards.

When I was at Pax Lodge in 2001, we had a card writing party in my room one night. Now, when I sit down to write my cards, the first ones I write are usually to those ladies (and now their families!)

Writing cards makes me happy. I love dropping the colourful, stamped envelopes in the mailbox...the internet is great, but there is something special about real, paper Christmas cards!


PS Canada Post has a great campaign this year - "Ever displayed an e-card on your mantle?"

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