Thursday, December 06, 2012

Choo Choo Ho Ho Ho

Yesterday J looked in her advent calendar and discovered that we were going to for a ride on the Christmas train at Stanley Park. We've been almost every year since J was a baby - I think the only year we didn't go was 2010 because the weather was horrid. In 2009 we didn't actually ride the train, but we did visit the lights. Last year apparently I only took one creepy picture.

This year we were smart. We bundled J into her snowsuit even though it was relatively warm. Last year she was not happy about half way through the train ride because she got cold from sitting still for so long. This year she wanted to go around a second time!

seasons greetings

We went early this year to avoid the big crowds (is there a pattern here? Claustrophobia in crowds seems to be a symptom of this pregnancy...) We were able to walk right up to the ticket window and straight onto the train (tip - if you want to save almost $4 per ticket, get your tickets at the ticket window and not at t!cketm@ster)


We've really been enjoying having so much time together - Alex's silly shift means we don't get too see him a lot...look at those happy faces!

here we go
here we go

J loved the lights - there were lots of gasps and exclamations of "WOW!" and "Look!"

dancing rudolph

J wished the train would stop here so that she could watch longer. This Rudolph on stilts was dancing to a Christmas version of YMCA. I have to agree with J, it was pretty amazing!

moose in the pond

It's hard to see in this picture, but in the middle of the pond is a moose with lights in its antlers. There is also a little building with a Christmas tree on top of it. J was intrigued by these things in the middle of the pond! She wasn't so sure about the train going over the water though.

rudolph crossing
Rudolph crossing (hard to see the red nose...)

alex sings

After we got off the train, we wandered through the light display the firefighters set up. We stopped here for a bit of carolling.

b&w j


winter wonderland
Winter Wonderland

which pole?
One confused pole - is it north or south? There are polar bears and penguins here!

lights, lights and more lights

danseur and ballerina

Alex and J also decided they'd try out their grace and coordination skills as dancers in the Nutcracker. (Hmmm...maybe next year we'll take J to the Nutcracker...)

happy christmas to all
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night

We have really enjoyed the train and the lights every year we've gone, but I think this year was the the best by far - the light displays were amazing!

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