Saturday, December 08, 2012

Making things

Today the advent calendar suggested we make some kind of craft. I had planned to make paper chains with J, but she came home from daycare the other day and got some of her coloured paper out and asked me to cut it into strips and get her some glue or tape…seems they learned to make chains at daycare…

So on Thursday afternoon I visited the craft store for some inspiration…I was going to get her some picture frames to decorate for her grandparents, but then I found these paper maché decorations. Auntie Rebar gave J paints for her birthday last year, so we were all set.


J loves painting and wishes she could paint every single day…(little aside – we were checking out real estate listings and found a place that was in a neighbourhood we liked, with the right number of bedrooms and a price that didn’t make us gag too much and it had a roughed in suite in the basement. All that had been installed was a sink and a small counter…I was so excited because it would be the perfect craft spot for J. That’s when we noticed it didn’t have the right number of bedrooms on the top floor…)

glitter concentration

Once the creatively painted ornaments were dry, we got out the glitter glue. I haven’t quite figured out the glitter glue hate on Facebook among our friends with kids the same age as J…I much prefer it to regular glitter because it stays put…

glittering frosty

J had a great time decorating with her glitter glue…the ornaments are drying now so that tomorrow she can decorate the backs with glue (watercolour paint dries MUCH faster than glitter glue!!)


The finished products – some for our tree and some for gifts.  We might head back to the craft store and get a few more – J thinks her teachers might like to have one!

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