Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday = Fabulously Overflowing Mailbox!

I opened the mailbox today and was disappointed because it was STUFFED full of flyers. I pulled them out, leafed through them and tossed them in the recycling. And then, for whatever reason, I glanced back into the box and saw a happy little pile at the bottom…seven postcards! In one day! Amazing!


Postcard from Sarilyn from the USA.

Description: Rabbit, 2000. by © Walter Schels


Postcard from Merlin 3 from Switzerland

Description: GUSTAV KLIMT (1862-1918), »Der Kuss«, Ausschnitt, 1907-08 (Öl auf Leinwand) Österrichische Galerie Belvedere, Wien

Translation (via Google): "The Kiss", clipping, 1907-08 (oil on canvas) Österrichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna


Postcard from paenq from Finland

Description: This card was painted by paenq’s friend. paenq says it’s a naivistic painting called “Fullmoon".” Her friend told her that all of the people she paints are based one someone she knows and she wonders who is dreaming in this one!


Postcard from carlosilva from Portugal

Description: A painting of a tram used in the old city of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for tourists.


Postcard from SeanLanham from the USA.

Description: Mabel Lucie Attwell (1897-1964); “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” From Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.


Postcard from willemien from the Netherlands


Postcard from malwaczi from Poland

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