Thursday, September 12, 2013

Is this a record?

This might be a record…today we received 8 official cards! J is going to be so excited when she gets home from school!


Postcard from moyang from Taiwan


Postcard from Mila96 from Germany

Description: (translation via Google Translate)
Front: We greet the lake
Back: Greetings from the beautiful lake


Postcard from miniroc from Japan.

Description: Lovely Daisy Lady colorfulcandy and jelly beans


Postcard from charming1972 from Taiwan


Postcard from johnruss from Russia


Postcard from heyi0421 from China


Postcard from Riff from Canada

Description: This one came with a Stella stamp…guess what we’re going to look for at the post office!


Postcard from k3rryk from Australia

Description: Mighty roadtrains hauling livestock or merchandise of every description are a common sight along the outback highways of Northern Territory, Queensland, South and Western Australia. These huge giants of the road measure 50 metres in length , weigh 115 tonnes and can have up to 60 wheels. They travel at a top speed of 85 kilometres an hour, however the very latest in modern technology and high tech braking and tracking systems make them the most energy efficient and cost effective mode of road transport in Australia.

We also mailed a big stack of cards this week, so our mailbox will hopefully be full regularly for the next little while!

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