Friday, September 06, 2013

Jelly Invasion

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So, when you start kindergarten, on the first day you only go for an hour, just like all the other kids. But for the next five days, you go home at 11:30, not 3:00. Which meant I needed to come up with some interesting things for J to do in the afternoons. The first two days, she was exhausted, so we all stayed home and had naps and just relaxed.
Yesterday we decided we needed to get out of the house. J thought we should take Baby C on her first aquarium adventure. (Thank goodness for annual memberships!)

baby and jellies

Baby C was quite interested in the big cylinder of jellies when you first go into the aquarium (the Jelly Invasion exhibit is on right now)


Of course, no visit is complete without some beluga viewing!


After all the jelly and beluga stimulation, Baby C conked out and J asked if we could get her favourite treat….

ice cream

Ice cream of course!

bubble girl

J checked out this bubble…

finding nemo

And Baby C woke up while J was listening to the “Secret Lives of Sharks” talk…we were right next to the tank with clown fish and and blue tangs and a bunch of other stuff you’d find in Finding Nemo. Baby C thought it was the best exhibit she’d ever seen. She was so excited! It was great.

We can’t wait to go back (and take Daddy too).

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