Sunday, November 04, 2007

Feels like home?

Going to London is like going home for me. Not quite the same, but very familiar. We didn't do a lot of "tourist" things - we went on the London Eye and that was about it. Alex did get to experience Pax Lodge.

alex at pax lodge
And Hampstead crepes.

alex and crepes
And meet a bunch of my friends and family:

kristine and shannonKristine

doreen and shannonDoreen

shannon heidi and sarahHeidi and Sarah (who he met last summer)

hugh and aliceHugh and Alice (who were at the wedding)

shannon and lizLiz (who was also at the wedding with Hugh and Alice)

shanalex at the bonfire paradeAnd he got to attend a bonfire day parade!

shannon persis alex and georgeand meet Persis and George

homeward bound
And now we get to go home...and enjoy the memories of our fabulous wedding and amazing honeymoon.

Real life, here we come!

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