Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Resolutions

I know it's traditional to make resolutions for New Years. I don't usually. I have a few resolutions to make before Christmas that I will hopefully adhere to next Christmas
  1. I will not leave all my shopping until the week before Christmas
  2. I will do some Christmas baking
  3. I will not forget an entire box of ornaments in the basement (or storage or closet or whatever other storage arrangement next year brings)
  4. I will not leave my Christmas cards until the weekend before Christmas
  5. I will use an assortment of different colours in my wrapping/bagging in future years. All red gets kind of boring
  6. I will not look for a new place to live in the six weeks preceding Christmas
  7. I will not move in the four weeks following Christmas (okay, so maybe those two are somewhat out of my control sometimes, but should I ever get amnesia and forget what it was like this year, this will serve as a memory jog I hope)
  8. I will enjoy every moment I get to spend with friends and family

That's the list today...we'll see what happens tomorrow!

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