Saturday, February 21, 2009

What I (apparently, according to Google) like to do

And because I lost all ability to think of good things to blog about during pregnancy (and no, it has not returned), here's a list for you. "Shannon likes to" + Google gave me these results. These are just the top 20 as of right now. They may have changed. Go see for yourself.

So, apparently the following are things I like to do:

  1. Shannon likes to yell at people.
  2. Shannon likes to spend the week conditioning her horses out in the pastures.
  3. Shannon likes to hike and hang out with her two lively Dalmatians.
  4. Shannon likes to capture those adorable grins and giggles for that special baby portrait.
  5. Shannon likes to keep the colors bright, the illustrations bold, and the stories entertaining.
  6. Shannon likes to yell.
  7. Shannon likes to get dirty…on her ATV.
  8. Shannon likes to move around a lot.
  9. Shannon likes to travel and read.
  10. Shannon likes to go for hikes, camping, spend time with her family and friends and go horse back riding.
  11. Shannon likes to sing while video by deserae!
  12. Shannon likes to play handbells and the balalaika, play on the internet, as well as work on improving her Bulgarian.
  13. Shannon likes to sit under the mulberry tree.
  14. Shannon likes to create an atmosphere in her dining rooms for people to connect with each other and with the food that she prepares.
  15. Shannon likes to get in some of her favorite activities... skiing, hiking, golf and tennis, with her husband and daughter.
  16. Shannon likes to drink margaritas and walk her rescued dog Cooper (sometimes simultaneously).
  17. Shannon likes to be mean!
  18. Shannon likes to play fetch with Austin but finds it a challenging activity due to her limited arm movements.
  19. Shannon likes to joke that she's slowly, but surely, "moving south".
  20. Shannon likes to spend his time in the garden: digging holes, trimming shrubs and chewing mulch.
Okay, so
  • I don't like to yell at people or otherwise (#1 and #6)
  • I don't have horses (#2 and #10)
  • I don't have Dalmatians (or any dog for that matter (#3, #16, #17)
  • I do like to hike, I just haven't been in a very, very long time (#3, #10, #15)
  • I do take a lot of pictures, but not portraits, and just of one baby! (#4)
  • I don't illustrate books. I can't draw worth anything! (#5)
  • Again, I don't like to yell (#6)
  • I don't have an ATV (#7)
  • I don't know if this refers to moving my place of residence or fidgeting, but since we've lived in three different places in the last 13 months and I squirm a lot, both currently apply to me (#8)
  • I love travelling and I love reading! yay! one that's actually fairly accurate (#9)
  • I don't like horseback riding much, maybe has to do with an incident with a sliding saddle when I was about 3 or 4 years old, but the rest are true, even if I haven't been hiking or camping for a while (#10)
  • I'm not sure what this means (#11)
  • I don't play handbells and the balalaika and I don't speak any Bulgarian (#12)
  • I like sitting under trees, but I don't have a mulberry tree (#13)
  • I only have one dining room, not multiple. But I do like cooking and sharing what I've cooked (#14)
  • I haven't skied in years, I've commented on the hiking already and I don't like golf or tennis (although tennis on the Wii is okay) (#15)
  • Margaritas are good (#16)
  • I don't think I'm mean. I hope I'm not mean. I don't want to be mean (#17)
  • There's nothing wrong with my arm and I don't have a dog to play fetch with (#18)
  • No comment (#19)
  • I'm not a male and I don't have a garden, but I wish I did. Have a garden. Not wish that I was a man. (#20)
Please tell me you don't agree with the yelling and meanness. Please!

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