Sunday, August 23, 2009

Attempt #2 and #3 - Simulation of re-entry into real world - FAIL and FAIL

Yup, both fails!

We found out on Friday that we had tickets to the BC Lions game on Friday night which didn't give us enough time to get a sitter, so we took Jocelyn with us. She had a blast playing with the people next to us and offering Cheerios to everyone around us. But she went to bed very late. Which meant she (and I) were up numerous times through the night. So when 6:30 arrived, I just couldn't drag myself out of bed and I ended up dozing on the couch before and after her morning nap, even with a proper nap while she napped.

Today Alex got up with Jocelyn so that I could sleep in for the first time since February when my sisters took Jocelyn over night. So no getting up at 6:30 today...

I guess we'll just jump into it tomorrow and see what happens!

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