Monday, October 26, 2009

And back to the real world

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So, my last two posts (one which showed up a week after I wrote it and actually comes before the other one) talked about how exhausted I was after being up all night with a small child.

Well, it gets better. Trying to get fit while taking care of a toddler is not an easy task.

I swam whenever that was a long time ago. Then thought, Thursday will be a good time for a second swim. But the small child, well, her ear had other ideas. And at 11:30 I was on my way home from work to take her and her leaking ear to the doctor. Oh, ruptured ear drum.

And then we get over the ear drum and we’re back at the doctor’s again, thinking her ear is hurting her again. Nope, it turns out to be H1N1. Again on a day where swimming was actually programmed into my schedule.

It’s been hard, but most days I still manage to get a 4-5 km walk in, if nothing else. The past five days were horrible because she was essentially quarantined, so we didn’t leave the house much. But now she’s back at day care. I’ve walked about 4 km already this morning and I actually don’t feel too bad, especially considering the lack of sleep last night.

Exercise really does make a difference but getting it in around a toddler’s schedule is the challenge!!

Swimming is on the agenda for Wednesday, so let’s hope (for all kinds of reasons) it doesn’t get sabotaged. by toddler illnesses.

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