Thursday, October 01, 2009

Virtual Pedometrics

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As soon as I wrote my last post about my pedometer, well, I lost it…It fell off somewhere between dinner and home…And it was up there that day…Oh well.

So I’ve begun relying on the Gmaps Pedometer instead. I will eventually get a new pedometer, but there is so much else going on right now! I figure that I walked at least 4 kilometres a day when I had the pedometer and I wanted to increase my steps from 10,000 to 12,000, so if I walk 5 kilometers that will probably do it. I’m not sure how many of my steps make up a kilometre as I never calibrated my pedometer that way – I walk faster in the morning than in the afternoon, so my numbers would be off.

That means a walk at lunch time is in order. Tomorrow I’m hoping to start swimming again, so I’ll get about 1.5 kilometres in on top of my usual. We’re getting there!

Extra kilometre here I come!

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