Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Exhaustion...

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I wish I could say it was from exercising too hard or too much. But no. It’s one of the side effects of being a mom – when the teeth come in and tell the baby it’s time to get up even though it’s only 4:30 am, well, the baby usually insists that a parent get up too. And since Alex had already left the house for work, well, that left one person to hang out with the baby. Me.

And it meant no swim and no lunch time walk. In retrospect, maybe a walk would have roused me a little, but I have no idea how I got through the day yesterday. Alex picked up pizza for dinner because just the thought of cooking made me want to cry.

And when I crawled under the covers, well, I think I was already asleep because when I woke up with the teeth at 1:30, I was in bed, but I don’t know how I got there!

Days like this kill my motivation. Whether I’ve been trucking along or whether I’m on a roll, one exhausted day can destroy any momentum I’ve gained and cause me to lose interest in exercising. And this is week two of the teething.

Any suggestions on how I could possible get that motivation back???

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