Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eternally thankful

Alex has a guardian angel.

I'm sure of it.

Last night, just a few minutes after Alex left for work, our phone rang. It was Alex. Asking me to come get him and take him to work because he'd been hit by a car four blocks from our house.

My sister was over, so I left J with her and went down to talk Alex out of going to work. He had just been hit by a car after all...

As I left our garage I heard a whole bunch of sirens and the sick-to-my-stomach feeling I'd had for the last three minutes got worse. I got to where the accident happened and there was an ambulance and a fire truck parked on the side street. I pulled up the street to park and saw a paramedic walking Alex towards the ambulance. Thank goodness because when I got out of the car I saw the damage to the car that hit him and if I'd seen that first, I probably would have thought he was dead even though I'd just talked to him.

It turns out he saw the car at the last minute and manage to get out of the way a little bit - maybe by jumping. Alex was determined to go to work and I was determined to get him checked out...eventually we got to leave the scene, but first we were joined by the police. We got Alex to work where they had already started arranging for someone to cover his shift. So off we went to the doctor and then I got to bring Alex home.

I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life...and grateful to Alex's guardian angel. We were lucky last night...all I've been able to think about since is how our lives could have changed completely by that phone call and really, how we were so lucky because all that happened was we were a bit inconvenienced last night.

So...don't forget to let the people you love know that that you love ever you tell them, do it regularly. I'm going to try to never take a single moment of time with the people I love for granted ever again.

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  1. Yikes! What a scary story, Shannon. I'm so glad that Alex is okay.