Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Movie Night

52. Go to a movie as a family

We were all set to head off the PNE again this Friday with Alex, but when I got to J's daycare, she wasn't really all that excited about the prospect. When we had talked about our Friday evening plans we had given her the option of a movie, particularly if the weather was less than excellent (it was beautiful) and when I got to daycare to get her she had changed her mind.

So I got on the internets and checked out what kid appropriate movies were playing and based on some parental reviews we decided on Brave. This wasn't J's first movie - I took her to a few mom and baby movies when she was tiny and she was invited to see a Thomas movie at a launch party a few years ago, but it was the first time all three of us got to go to a movie together.

at the movies

We stopped for some dinner at the food court before the movie and J was super excited to have SO MANY CHOICES! And then we got to share bubbly drink aka pop at the movie and popcorn and Fuzzy Peaches. Oh this kid thought she'd died and gone to heaven!

We picked the 3D option and J loved wearing her glasses. We enjoyed the movie although there were a few parts that J thought were super scary and I ended up with a squirmy worm sleeping next to me for part of the night.

3d glasses

We had a great time though. J has been having long conversations with anyone who will listen about the big bear who used to be a prince before anyone on the earth right now was ever born or even an egg and he's mean. She got to get a new colouring book yesterday and the one she chose was one from Brave, so even though it was bit scary, I think she really enjoyed it.

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