Monday, September 03, 2012

Tiny Dancer

Except our tiny dancer isn't really so tiny anymore! J had her last ballet class of the summer last weekend and the parents and siblings and grandparents were invited to come watch.

J was happy to have us their with her. It was a big adjustment for her to go to class on her own, but by the end she was confidently walking into the dance studio and waving goodbye to me.


The class started with a little stretching, or as J likes to say, playing yoga. Nice bow pose!


The girls then all did little solos. Some of them went in pairs (J did) but it was all free dance and J had a blast!

dancer girl

Ballet might be over for now, but I know a little dancer who is very excited to head back into the dance studio in a few weeks!

tiny dancer

Looks like she just might be more coordinated than her mommy ever was!

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