Sunday, September 02, 2012

PNE Adventure

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Back in 2009, Alex and I took then one year old Baby J to the PNE. We were joined by Sharla, her father-in-law and Inara. We didn't think we'd take J to the PNE this year - crowds and four year old seemed like a bit of craziness. When she was a year old, we took her to see the farm animals, the SuperDogs and to have a bite to eat and then she went to sleep in her stroller which left us some time to walk around the market place, check out the prize home, listen to some music and do other fair stuff.

But then my aunt and uncle and cousins invited us to go with them. So J and I hopped on the bus after daycare and ventured to the fair grounds.

We started with the livestock - J wasn't so sure about these cows as they mooed very loudly.

fiona and hamish

They are called Fiona and Hamish which I found a bit amusing as my friend Fiona had a dog (I think...or was it a cat) named Hamish when we were kids.

Then it was off to practice being a farmer.

j the farmer

She had blast planting vegetables, collecting eggs, milking cows and of course driving the tractor.

a carrot and a sunflower

Of course, visiting a fair isn't complete without fair food, so we had spaghetti and meatballs, pizza and MINI DONUTS. Then J and Gruncle Brian decided to try to be vegetables. Guess who was having more fun!

pirate j

We checked out the Canfor playhouse challenge. J loved most of them and we spent quite a bit of time playing here.


This one was definitely her favourite. She kept coming back to it over and over.


Before we visited the SuperDogs (sorry no photos) we stopped to get another fair staple, fresh squeezed lemonade. YUM!

After the SuperDogs, we caught the end of the Rick Springfield concert. You'll notice J finally has the one food item she came for - ice cream. It's actually a Dole Whip which will forever make me think of Expo 86!

J was one tuckered out but extremely happy young lady. And somehow even with all that sugar, J slept as soon as we got home!

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