Saturday, May 03, 2014

A little bit of Spring Break

9.3 Go on 10 "adventures"
So, things Chez Lyons have been a bit crazy and scary and insane for a while and now things are changing on a daily basis…so why not post a few things even if they are a few weeks late…

J had two weeks of Spring Break and rather than stay at home and go a bit stir crazy, we decided to do a little cross-province visiting.

Early one morning, while it was still dark out (J thought that was exciting), we left our house and jumped on the ferry to go to Vancouver Island.

reading baby

We had a bit of a wait at the ferry terminal, but both girls happily sat in their seats and read their books.

reading big girl

Once we got on board, we went straight to the kids’ play area and then for a walk on the decks…

windy crossing

It was a little bit windy…too windy really….

the sun

But it was a beautiful day.

Our first stop when we got off the ferry was Mama’s house.

feeding mama

C shared her snack of grapes and milk with Mama.

mama makes j a princess

And Mama dressed Miss J up in her costume jewelry and crown and pushed her around on her princess chair aka her walker.

We left Mama’s house and headed down to Auntie J’s house on the water in Cowichan Bay. What an amazing place with an amazing view!

cowichan bay

Getting up early with a baby isn’t so bad when there’s a view like this!

more cowichan bay

After breakfast we walked to “town” for coffee and the lovely lady at the coffee shop gave Miss J a piece of pie…what a special early morning snack!

early morning pie break

We went back to Mama’s for an afternoon visit and some more princess time

girlies and mama

And then we met Auntie J and Vinnie at the beach for a little scavenger hunt and walk.

treasure hunt

Found them!

sand dollars

The two Js had a great time collecting together and Vinnie spent his afternoon telling the big dogs who is boss!

collecting shells

And maybe it overwhelmed C and bit because she rode in the Ergo and slept pretty much the whole time!


We left the Island and came home to say hi to Alex for less than 24 hours and then jumped on a plane to Kelowna. Both girls were very happy to find the snow gone so that they could swing to their hearts’ content!

swinging high

We celebrated a birthday with a yummy cake and a special homemade birthday crown.

happy birthday

And J got a new bike! She loves it!

new bike

We had an awesome spring break! J was excited that we travelled by car, boat, plane and bike and even though she started the first week off by asking if she could go to school even thought it was the holidays, by the end she wanted to know if we could keep having adventures!

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