Tuesday, May 06, 2014

J makes dinner

Little C’s first birthday meant it was almost time for my maternity leave to end…and that meant a whole bunch of changes for our family. One of things I’ve been in charge of is dinner, but with work hours, it would be after 5:00 before I’d even get home…and C eats early and goes to bed early. Alex is a novice cook and J had a great suggestion…they could learn to cook together!

So, off we went to the the kids’ bookstore and got them a couple of kids’ cookbooks with fairly easy recipes and lots of tips on techniques and photos to show how things are done.

J’s first dinner was tomato soup with garlic bread.

stirring the pot

She loved being in the kitchen – she is using a paring knife, but we’re going to wait until her paring knife skills are a bit better before she gets to chop stuff…even so, she did most of the work on this yummy soup.

a girl and her dinner

And she was pretty proud of the final product!

little c approves

It received a Little C stamp of approval as well!

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