Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Sun Run Fun Run

21. Do the mini-Sun Run with J (and C if she's old enough)

So, the Sun Run literally runs past our front door. We always watched it, either from J’s room in our old place or from the grass median in front of the building (or both)…last year, J’s Auntie TeamHardCore ran the Sun Run and J decided it was time for her to run it too.

Obviously 10 km was a long walk/run for a five and a half year old and J also said she wanted all four of us to do, so when we got a notice from the school about Team Registration, we signed up for the Fun Run. It’s a shorted 2 km run/walk down around the arena and BC Place.

We were going to put Little C in the Ergo, but at the last minute, I decided I’d rather put her in the stroller. The Sun Run ended right at nap time and while she’ll still nap in the Ergo, she naps better (and longer) in the stroller. And then I decided to put the extra seat on the back…

Good thing I did…there was a bus schedule mix up and we ended up moving Little C to the back and actually getting J to ride in the front…she’s just under the weight limit still, but she’s sooooooooo big for the stroller. Once both girls were secured, Alex and I did some serious speed walking to the train and then from the train to the start. We got there one whole minute before start time!

the runners

Alex and J started out walking with me, but then J wanted to run, so they sped off ahead.

our smallest runner

Little C had a great time…she pulled off both her running shoes, but thanks to kind people on the course, we got them both back…it took us just under 30 minutes to walk it which was pretty good considering we had paced it at closer to 50 minutes based on J’s speed through our neighbourhood.

four of us done

Little C ate more of the recovery food than the rest of us put together (where in heaven’s name does she put it all?!?!)


The highlight of J’s day was not finishing the run…it was the bouncy castles set up in BC Place for the kids to play in after!

stroller for two

We were happy to have the double stroller on the way home. J was exhausted and it would have been a long, complainy walk home…instead we loaded her back in the stroller, put the sun shield on and she slept almost the whole way. Maybe in a few years we’ll try it again…maybe we’ll even try the 10 km!

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