Sunday, May 04, 2014

And then she was one…

sisters meeting

One year ago, this was the scene in our living room…it was a very exciting time for all of us…

sister a year later

And now, both of those little girls are so much bigger…it’s been one incredible year!

today im one

C was super excited about her birthday even though she really didn’t get it…I think she was just excited because her big sister was!

wheres my cake

She was not impressed when we took the cake away to be cut up…but she didn’t get as sad as her sister did on her first birthday(s)


And she was pretty happy when the cake finally came back….


She loved opening presents…there were enough gifts that each of her cousins and her sister got to help her open at least once…what a spoiled little lady!!!

family of four

Happy Birthday Baby C…can’t imagine not being a family of four!

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