Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting ready for the new year...

Last September I mentioned how September always feels like the new year to me...well, whatdya know, I'm in new year mode again.

I keep hoping life will quiet down and maybe become less insane, but every time we get close to that, something else happens. Craziness at home is over, so we think we can relax, and then things get busy at work. Things at work get quieter and then something happens in our non-work lives - trip planning, social events, out of town guests, you name it!

Not that I'm complaining, really. The stuff that's been happening at work has made the days interesting, the stuff that's happening in our non-work lives is good stuff - family and friends getting married, wedding anniversaries, new babies, new jobs, visitors from far away (and not so far away).

I keep thinking, maybe when life gets back to "normal", (huh, what's normal?), I'll start updating the blog again...or maybe this is the new normal.

In any case, a new year starts on Tuesday. I'm making only two resolutions - enjoy the chaos and make sure I stop to take the time to appreciate the wonderful people in my life.

that's all

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