Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy 25th Anniversary

Last night my aunt and uncle celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. My Dad's youngest two siblings, his brother and sister, both celebrated the 25th this year. My Mom and Dad went to his sister's party a few weeks ago in Rossland and last night was his brother's party. This is a big year for big events (milestone and not), so we get to see a lot of my Dad's family, which is great! Unlike my Mom's family, who mostly live in Kelowna, my Dad's family is scattered around and unfortunately we don't get to see them as often. Anyway, last night was great fun.

clink clinkAuntie Tiki and Uncle Brian toasting with Silver Anniversary cups that belonged to my grandparents. My Dad and his four siblings have all used the cups to toast at their 25 anniversaries.

And some random happy family and friends shots.

cousinsKirsten, Drew, and Heather

laughing cousinsSeann, Kirsten, and Drew

mmm....dinnerThe food line up...mmm dinner was yummy!

waiting for the guests of honourwaiting for the guests of honour (see their empty chairs!)

where's brian?Where's Uncle Brian?

something is pretty funnyLaughing Bret-Alise, Uncle Ric, Auntie Coleen, Auntie Susan, and Karen (and Heather with her back to us)

happy kidletsKamiah and Bret

slide showAnd last but not least, the evening was completed by a slide show of Brian and Tiki over the last 25 years or so.


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