Friday, August 31, 2007

Migraine Hangover

After having a sudden migraine last night, I've decided the day after is like a migraine hangover. And okay, my migraine wasn't that sudden, I just was unaware of, or at least not paying attention to, the symptoms.

When I got up yesterday I had a bit of a headache. I couldn't read the paper on the bus because the letters were jumping all around. I thought it was just a bumpy bus ride. By afternoon, after I couldn't keep my words straight and developed more clumsiness than usual, I decided I must be getting migraine, so I headed home.

Good thing...I haven't had one hit that quickly for a long time. And although the worst of it was over in less than two hours, it totally messed up my reading, no writing, no knitting, no answering emails...just a lot of zombie-ness. Today was more of the same. I felt like I was in a daze all morning. It's started to improve, if I'm going to get a hangover, it would be nice if I was having fun and the hangover was the consequence...instead I get to be in pain and the hangover comes too...

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