Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nothing to say...

Shannon with nothing to say? Is it possible? Apparently so.

Seems I'm not the only one who has noticed the drop off of posting on my blog.

I think I can blame it entirely on Crackbook/Facecrack. I think. It feels like everyone I know (especially those who read this) has a profile and is my friend. But it's not the same as writing…little tag lines of "Shannon is…" don't really say much. Imagine if my blog consisted entirely of one line, third person statements:

August 21
Shannon is thinking she won't mail handmade paper to Australia ever again! 6:56am

August 20
Shannon is thinking THAT was a complete waste of time. 1:05pm

August 19
Shannon is ticking things off the really long list...slowly but surely.... 9:20pm

August 17
Shannon is ready for the weekend. 8:04am

August 15
Shannon is all floaty from yoga. 8:43pm

August 14
Shannon is wondering where the summer is going. 10:24am

August 13
Shannon is thinking it was bedtime a few hours ago...goodnight.... 11:34pm

August 12
Shannon is glad to be home. 10:58pm
Shannon is recovering from Tom and Harmony's wedding...what a fun night! 1:35pm

August 10
Shannon is going to need a vacation from her vacation. 7:58am

August 3
Shannon is on vacation! 11:07pm

August 1
Shannon is still holding her breath and now starting to turn blue! 5:50pm

July 31
Shannon is still holding her breath. 10:28pm
Shannon is holding her breath. 8:43pm
Shannon is why can't she sleep?! 12:30am

Um, yeah, so if I'd done that, no one would have even started to read, let alone become a repeat visitor. Oh, and by the way, I stopped holding my breath a long time ago.

But, after talking to Fifers last night, maybe Crackbook isn't the only reason the posts have become fewer and far between.

I still take a picture a day and manage to post them usually before they’re a week old. I've put pictures of other big events in our lives on here recently, but the writing part is just not here. Partly because life is pretty quiet right now. My days consist of going to work, stretching for almost two hours (right there, there’s some riveting content!), swimming (I sing nursery rhymes in my head and count to four...interesting, hey!), going to yoga, and maybe seeing Alex for more than a couple hours if I'm lucky. I'm in the midst of tying little ribbons, affixing stamps and counting to five. Doesn't that sound like fun...and even more fun to read about...

Anyway, I'll be back one day soon...I hope...

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