Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get Fit Chicks! Part Two

Last month I mentioned that my friend Stacey had started a blog about her weight loss-get fit journey. Well, she asked me a couple of times very nicely and I've agreed to blog with her about getting back into shape after having Jocelyn. We are also being joined by Stacey's friend Caroline.

There's an introduction from Stacey below and you can see what we're up to at Get Fit Chicks!

Introducing Caroline and Shannon

I’m very pleased to announce that two of my friends have agreed to join me in blogging their efforts to become Fit Chicks. :)

Caroline is relatively new to working out – she started a program earlier this year. She’ll be blogging about how it feels to be working out, her program and many other things!

Shannon has been working out for awhile but after the birth of her beautiful baby girl will be blogging about getting back in shape post-baby.

Check out their details on our “about the chicks” page!

Welcome Caroline and Shannon!

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