Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not In Shape For Work!

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So when I agreed to blog with Stacey, I figured I’d be talking about my daily exercise routine, food and that sort of thing. I thought I’d be musing about how my body is complaining that I’ve started swimming again or how much I like/dislike one of the yoga instructors or how hard it is to eat properly when you’re running after a one year old and working full time. I thought I’d be celebrating that I’m almost to my pre-baby weight, but lamenting that the remaining weight seems to have settled in different places than before.


Not this time. Maybe later we’ll get into that…right now well, right now I need to focus on getting my body into shape for work. Because I’m seriously out of work shape.

And yes, yes I do have a desk job and I do sit at my desk for a large part of my day. But I’m still out of shape for work.

After a year of daytime naps, hanging out with my kid on my comfy couch and wandering the neighbourhood, pushing a stroller, my body is protesting the desk chair lifestyle after only three weeks back at it! My back is complaining, my right shoulder is revolting against my mouse usage and my eyes are voicing their disapproval of my extended computer screen viewing.

Tomorrow I am treating my back and shoulder to a massage and I’ve been setting a timer to remind me to a) stop working and walk around the office a bit and b) look somewhere other than the computer screen (which usually means doing some filing…ugh). I do have to be careful with my back though – almost three years ago I had a serious back injury and I was off work for three months. (You can read about that here.)

So, the poor shape I thought I was in is nothing compared to what my body thinks…I guess that’s one more thing I’ll get to blog about…training my body to enjoy the desk lifestyle!

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