Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last day

Liz, Hugh and Alice came and met us on our last day in London and very kindly took us to the airport (we had planned on going to the Hyde Park Christmas Market, but the torrential downpours changed our minds very quickly!)

J was very quiet while I was packing and I wondered what she was up to...I discovered her on the other side of the bed, sitting under the bedside table, reading the menu!

j reading the menu

j and a
J and Alice got along very well. J idolized Alice and Alice loved having someone smaller than her to tell what to do! When we got to the plane, we had a new baby doll for J. She's been calling the doll Alice ever since!

ready to go home
We had a great trip, but as you can probably tell from this picture, we were definitely ready to come home...we look a little tired!

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